Business Solutions – Consultancy

I have a business background at leadership level. I understand the challenges that a business leader faces and the decisions and choices that they have to make. A successful team builder with a proven track record in building, maintaining and nurturing teams to success. I understand how important relationships, effective communication and interactions are to the success of individuals, teams and businesses.

I have experience of building a well respected, successful team in a greenfield site, bringing together people, systems and technology and defining clear processes, policies and strategies for success. Building relationships, internally and externally and networking with industry peers and business leaders to promote the team and the wider business. Working with compliance, legal and operational teams to integrate services and working with the Regulator, industry bodies and Advisory Boards to ensure we were not only aware of industry developments but that we helped to shape those developments and the future of our industry.

As a consultant, I work with organisations in all sectors and disciplines to improve performance, enhance growth and solve issues.

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