Business Solutions – Team Coaching

Successful, high performing, highly motivated teams have a common goal and a collective purpose. Their visions and values are aligned with the business. They are consistent yet flexible, nimble and responsive. They display qualities, traits and behaviours that create synergy. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Team coaching works with the component parts of the team, from individual members to team leader and collectively within a cultural framework.

As a Team coach I help identify the skills and abilities within the team and encourage, challenge and support the team to recognise the inter-dependence between individuals skills and abilities. I help them to embrace and harness their individual differences and celebrate the successful synergy that they collectively create. They find the energy in the synergy and learn to feed off that energy. The team is encouraged, in a supportive and safe environment, to question and challenge the understanding of shared common goals, visions and values. Recognising and working to a common goal with collective purpose is possibly one of the most empowering and effective tools in a successful team. Roles and responsibilities within the team are identified and we work to achieve clarity of definition and scope. I help the team to examine the ways in which they communicate, inter-relate and how they acknowledge and recognise success, learnings and insights.

The benefits of team coaching are individual personal and professional growth and development, enhanced leadership skills, aligned visions and values, enhanced communication and relationship skills, improved motivation and improved morale, success and high performance.

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